As one of the most innovative boutique agencies on the international stage, BLDWORKS provides bespoke services in property development, design management, project management and construction oversight around the globe.


About Us


Founded in New York City during the turbulent times in 2001, BLDWORKS differentiates itself from peers by applying a decentralized working system that connects and collaborates via the swiftly evolving communication technologies. BLDWORKS' working method proves to be even more relevant and effective during and after the 2020 COVID lockdowns.

As an agile boutique known for its innovative thinking and expertise in mixed use and tall buildings, BLDWORKS represents a bold departure from the large firm approach. Rather than being confined to traditional, centralized staffing structures, we assemble the most effective mix of qualified firms and seasoned professionals from around the world, tailored for each individual project.

These teams collaborate rigorously from project conception to realization, freeing BLDWORKS — and our clients — from the bureaucratic layers that plague larger firms, in order to create the best results possible.

Time and time again, BLDWORKS attract clients expecting unique and proficient outcomes. Most of all, they want a company that delivers. If you feel the same way, we invite you to dialogue with us.

BLDWORKS identify the following focus areas in our industry for the current phase of global pandemic recovery:

  • Project Re-mobilization Assist
  • Distressed Properties Identification
  • Investment Feasibility Study
  • Investors' Due Diligence Protocol
  • Development Brief
  • Development & Execution Team Organization
  • Total Project Management, A to Z



Dan Hsu returned to BLDWORKS after taking on a unique assignment with Turner International, one of the world's most renowned construction management companies, where he served as the Director of Project Development & Planning from 2004 to 2013.

With extensive travel in Europe, Asia and India, he was instrumental in global business expansion, focusing on large-scale, mixed-use developments in new frontier countries such as Martinique, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and the Bahamas, in developing countries such as Vietnam, Russia and India, and in developed countries such as UK, Switzerland and France. Recently he helped the firm win an assignment in Angola, its first project in Africa.

Prior to going global, Dan enjoyed a successful career of over 20 years on both the West and East coasts of the US, starting as an architectural/urban designer with DMJM (Daniel, Mann, Johnson & Mendenhall), and subsequently advancing with increasing leadership responsibilities and growing project scale at several prestigious New York-based firms in real estate development, program/project management, general construction and construction management.

Dan is an NCARB certified architect with registrations in New York and California. He holds master's degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in regional planning and UCLA in architecture.

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Leadership: Strategy, goals and objectives.

Site Acquisition: Selection, due diligence and financial closing.

Development Brief: Land use and zoning study, market survey, financial feasibility study and program development.

Pro Forma Study: Market absorption, income projections, operating expenses, allocation of hard, soft and contingent costs and sensitivity analysis.

Design Consulting Team: Appointment of master planner, architects, engineers, interior designers, hotel operators, retail/mall operators and specialty consultants.

Project Execution Team: Selection of construction manager, general contractor, quality assurance agent, quantity surveyor and risk manager.

Joint Ventures: Multi-party JV / consortium structuring.


RFP Process: Solicitation of design & specialty consultants' proposals, analysis of scope of services and fee structure; negotiation and execution of consultant's service contract.

Design Criteria: Relevant planning and design guidelines, quality standards and performance goals for property intended use.

Project Specific Considerations: Base building design, superstructure, façade and envelope, building services, plant room locations, elevator scheme; fit-out & FF&E scopes; sustainable design, statutory approval process and other interrelated project aspects.

Alternative Studies: Review of planning, design concept and alternatives.

Execution Planning: Delivery method, contracting strategy phasing and sequence, conceptual schedule and preliminary budget.

Marketing and Sales: Quality expectation, delivery commitment, project launch scheduling and marketing campaign strategy, including sales centers and mock-ups.


Master Project Schedule: Milestones, work sequence and duration, critical path and delivery phasing.

Cost Modeling: Site acquisition cost, hard cost, soft cost, financing cost and contingency cost; cost reduction and value engineering options — cash flow analysis.

Design Process: Progress workshops, design and document production schedule, alternative design and substitutions, fast-track planning and statutory approval process.

Constructability Review: Comprehensive document review, consistency and coordination and RFI processes.

Procurement Planning: Claims avoidance, contracting plan, long-lead items, owner supply items, FF&E procurement and installation agent; long & short lists process.

Tender and Awards: Selection of GC, trade contractors and vendors.

Construction Planning: Project execution plan, site logistic plan, safety and security plan and quality assurance plan.

Insurance Planning: OCIP, CCIP, wrap up.


Team Leader: Performance oversight of general and trade contractors, marketing and leasing agents, owner direct purchase vendors, specialty trade contractors, quality control agent, FF&E installers, etc.

Control Systems: Proper utilization of all execution procedures and monitoring systems.

Progress Review: Frequent site visits to review and report progress.

Problem Solving and Communication: Timely troubleshooting and conflict mediation, monthly project meetings with all stakeholders and facilitation of proper progressive funding.

Change Management: CCD evaluation, contract sum and contract time adjustment, liquidated damage, claims and dispute resolution.

Close-out: Assurance of stakeholder satisfaction; attendance at all major project milestone ceremonies and celebration functions.

Representation: Cooperation with lender engineers and auditors; attend all major project milestone ceremonies and functions, e.g. ground-breaking, topping out, full enclosure and handover.



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